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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – January 9th, 2012


Welcome to another best resources in iOS development listing featuring the top resources from this site in the last couple of weeks.  This issue is packed with resources as things have really picked up since the holiday season.

Topping this list are some very well made open source libraries, Cocos2D special effects, and a great tool for learning OpenGL ES 2.0 programming.

The most popular post in the last couple of weeks week is about an upcoming iOS app theme giveaway with the winner being drawn on January 11th that you can sign up for here.

Here are the resources:

1. Open Source iPhone Component For Elegant Sliding Views Inspired By Path 2 And Facebook Apps – A sliding view component with which the developer paid particular attention to detail allowing you to adjust how far to pan, supporting rotation and more.

2. Open Source: Library For Easy iOS Map Kit Annotations With Multiple Individual Selectable Rows – A library allowing you to easily make map annotations in which you can select individual rows similar to if you had added in a UITableView only much simpler to implement.

3. Cocos2D iPhone and Cocos2D-X Ninja Finger Slice Example Source Code – A Cocos2D and Cocos2X library allowing you to easily make cutting animations with touch similar to apps like Veggie Samurai, Sushi Chop, and Fruit Ninja.

4. Interesting iPhone And iPad App For Easier OpenGL ES 2.0 Learning And Development – A very cool app for learning OpenGL ES 2.0 allowing you to tweak shaders quickly on your iOS device (and export the code), animated filters you can test immediately with your device’s video stream and more.

5. Open Source Tool: Diagnose iOS Code Signing Certificate Problems – An extendable tool allowing you to diagnose problems with iOS certificates quickly.

6. Advanced Content Sharing With The Kik Messenger API For More iOS App Downloads – A very cool API for sharing different types of content helping you to promote your apps.

7. Example Source Code: Cocos2D iPhone Particle Engine Class Using A Sequence Of Images – A source example providing a class that you can use so that you can easily use a sequence of images as your particles in Cocos2D.

8. Tutorials And Examples: Creating PDFs On iOS Using Quartz, UIKit, And libHaru – A collection of tutorials on examples demonstrating various techniques for creating PDFs on the iOS platform.

9. New Open Source Visual iOS Testing Framework For Easy Testing Using Coffeescript And Screenshots – A very interesting new testing tool that uses screenshots, and a natural language like syntax for testing iOS apps.

10. Open Source: Library For Easier iOS Game Center Implementation With Local Score And Achievement Caching – A useful library that automatically caches scores and achievements locally, and synchronizes things when the user connects to game center.

11. Example Source Code: Frogger Recreated With Cocos2D, Sparrow, Starling And LibGDX – A collection of examples created to highlight the differences of developing with the Cocos2d, Sparrow, Starling and LibGDX game development frameworks.

12. Update: More iOS 5 SDK Tutorials Added (Including A Complete Course, Storyboard and ARC updates) – A post highlighting several iOS 5 SDK tutorials that have been added to the iOS 5 SDK tutorial pages on this site.

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