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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – January 23, 2012


Welcome back to another edition of the best resources in iOS development listing the last two weeks of resources on this site in order of popularity.

This week’s resources feature a library for making beautiful modal panels within your iOS apps very quickly, a guide on disabling ARC on specific files, a Path 2 inspired UITableView replacement, and more.

Here are the resources:

1. Open Source: Library For Elegantly Styled Modal Panels In iOS Apps – A great library for easily customizable modal panels that look great.

2. Easily Get Non-ARC Enabled Open Source Libraries Working In ARC Enabled Projects – A quick tutorial showing how to disable arc on specific files within Xcode.

3. Open Source: UITableview Replacement With Information Overlays – Inspired By The Path 2 App – A nicely done UITableView replacement that adds information overlays while scrolling.

4. Tool: SOAP Based Web Services Made Easy On The iOS Platform – A web service that automatically takes your wsdl definition for a SOAP web service, and turns it into a working Xcode project.

5. Handy Cheat Sheet For Using Objective-C Blocks (Closures) – A nice cheat sheet to have handy if you are still learning how to use Objective-C blocks.

6. iBooks Author App: Quick Summary Of Everything You Need To Know! – A quick feature summary of Apple’s new iBooks Author app.

7. Open Source: Library For Easy iCloud Image And Document Transfers With A Blocks Based Syntax – A library providing a very simple and clean syntax for easy image and document uploading and downloading from iCloud.

8. Open Source: Library For Creating Framed, Shadowed, Stacked Images Automatically For A Real Photo Look – A library that uses core graphics to make images look like real photos.

9. Tool: Full Javascript Debugger For Phonegap Apps And Web Pages – A very nice tool providing the full javascript debugger within iOS simulator.

10. Open Source Apps List: Hacker News Client, iPhone Theft Tracker, Barcode Scanner And More Added – Feature covering some new additions to the open source iOS apps list.

11. Example Source Code: A Cocos2D Color Picker Extension Designed Specifically For The iPad – A great color picker extension for use in Cocos2D apps built for the iPad and touch interaction.

12. Open Source: An OpenGL ES Powered Game Engine Module For Appcelerator Titanium Mobile – A new module for Appcelerator titanium created specifically for game graphics.

13. Open Source iOS Control: UILabel Replacement With Individually Clickable Words – A handy library providing a UILabel replacement with selectable words.

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