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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Round-Up Of Path 2 UI Inspired Open Source iOS Libraries And Analysis

Last week I posted about a library that enables you to easily create a menu similar to the pop out sharing menu within the Path 2 app.

Since that post I’ve received a number of submissions for different open source implementations of the Path 2.0 interface components, along with a number of postings analyzing the Path 2.0 interface.

Here is the best of them:

1. An analysis of when to use a menu like the Path 2 sharing menu – This article does a good job of stating when and when not to you would like to use that type of pop out menu — it definitely isn’t suitable everywhere.

2. A user experience critique of Path 2 – If you’re wondering what the fuss is about the Path 2 user interface, this article does a good explanation of differerent components within the app.

3. CSS 3 Implementation Of  Path 2 – For those looking to implement this in a web app or hybrid app rather than do it in Objective-C like the previously posted about library you can find the Github repository here.

4. How To Create An Info Panel Attached To A ScrollView – An iOS tutorial written in Objective-C showing how to attach an indicator when scrolling just like the progress indicator in the Path 2.0 app – you can test this web-based implementation in browser to see exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s it – there were quite a few more, but they all overlapped about what’s in the above articles and libraries.

It’s very interesting to see an application get this much coverage mainly because of it’s UI design.  You can check out the Path 2 app here.

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