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Open Source: Library For Adding Easy Face Recognition To Your iOS App With The Free Face.Com API

You may have heard about, and how they are trying to built a massive face recognition database, along with extremely fast searching – and extremely fast and accurate in picture face recognition.

They have also created a developer API (that is currently free – and apparentlywill remain so) so that you can use technology within your apps.

 While Apple has included some good face detection with iOS 5 (which I mentioned in my iOS 5 easy face detection tutorial) is great if you want to take things further.

I came across an excellent Face.Com API wrapper library for iOS with detailed instructions on Github from here.

You can sign up for the Face.Com developer API here.  You can see some of their demo apps here.

Looks like a great library/service for adding face tagging to a photo app – or if you just want to play around with this cool tech.

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