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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – December 26th, 2011


Welcome to another edition of the best resources in iOS development featuring the most popular resources on this website in the last two weeks.

I hope that everybody has had a great holiday season.  This list features an update to the popular ShareKit social sharing library, a graphing program for helping you create better designed Objective-C programs, a large collection of Cocos2D sample code and more.

Here are the resources:

1. Open Source ShareKit 2.0 Easy Social Sharing Library For iOS Apps Is Release – A new version popular library for social sharing on the iOS platform has been created combining features of many different forks, and correcting many bugs has been released.

2. Tool: Objective-C Dependency Graphing Script For Easily Improving Program Design – A script allowing you to create dependency graphs viewable in Graphviz and Omnigraffle which is great for identifying those occasions where you might be best to use notification and delegation rather than importing classes directly.

3. Over 90 iOS Source Code Examples (Many Using Cocos2D) – A listing containing many different Cocos2D examples including mainly small code samples and a few open source games.

4. Open Source: Library For Adding Easy Face Recognition To Your iOS App With The Free Face.Com API – A library that makes using the face recognition API easy allowing you to automatically tag identities for millions of faces, and get other interesting data about faces from within your pictures very quickly.

5. Open Source: Library For Easy Usage Of The FourSquare API In iOS Apps – A library that makes using the FourSquare API very simple with expected functionality such as check-ins, venue searching and adding photos.

6. Open Source: Great Looking Easy To Use Customizable Bar Gauge iOS UI Component – A great looking bar gauge component that you can totally customize the colors of, great for any app in which you’d like to use a bar gauge.

7. Open Source Libraries For Easily Adding Rotary Knob Controls In Your iOS Apps – A set of libraries that allow you to add in some great looking rotary knob controls with both a totally customized, or Garage Band type look.

8. Tutorial: Creating Universal iOS Frameworks With Xcode 4 (Make That Open Source Library Work With ARC!) – An up to date guide on creating Universal iOS Frameworks which is extremely useful if you want to get some open source libraries working with automatic reference counting.

9. Examples: How To Draw On Textures In Cocos2D, Perform Motion Blur, Get/Set Individual Pixels And More – A set of source code examples showing how to perform different special effects in Cocos2D and a special Cocos2D texture class that allows you to get and set individual pixels.

10. Tutorial: Securing iOS App Data – Using The Data Protection API, Keychain And Cryptography – An extensive tutorial covering how to secure data within iPhone and iPad apps.

11. Parse.Com Allows Easy Data Caching, Push Notifications, And More (Completely Free While In Beta) – A great looking online service that allows you very easily save and retrieve data online, and cache that data without having to use a local database such as Core Data or MySQL.

12. Example: Easily Implement Fast Pixel Perfect Collisions In Cocos2D – A technique for performing very fast pixel perfect collision detection demonstrated using Cocos2D.

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