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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – December 12th, 2011

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Welcome to another edition of the best resources in iOS development featuring the recently listed resources on this site in order of popularity.

This week’s most popular resource was one demonstrating how to use core animation to create an animated and curved menu inspired by the sharing menu of the Path 2 app.

Other popular resources were a tremendously useful library that allows you to very easily save any Objective-C object to a plist, and a networking framework based on the ASIHttpRequest framework.

Here are all the the resources:

Open Source: Library For Creating An Animated Curved Menu Like In The Popular Path 2 App – This is a flexible library allowing you to display curved menus of different types easily including ones similar to that in the Path 2 app.

Open Source: Library Allows Any Objective-C Object To Easily Be Saved To A Plist File – An extremely useful library that when included adds extra methods to your Objective-C object allowing you to easily save/load those objects from plist files.

Open Source: New Networking Framework Inspired By The Now Defunct ASIHttpRequest – With the original ASIHttpRequest developers this new framework has been created with the ASIHttpRequest features and additional features such as ARC support.

Round-Up Of Path 2 UI Inspired Open Source iOS Libraries And Analysis – With the already listed curved menu library being so popular this is a listing of other Path 2 related analysis and libraries submitted to this site.

How To Make Realistic Water Ripples With Cocos2D (Very Impressive) – A very cool Cocos2D example with code provided that allows you to add beautiful water ripples easily.

Tutorial: How To Create An iPad Split View With A Sliding Master Controller Like The Mail App – A tutorial on making an iPad split view where the controlling view on the left slides in and out responding to gestures.

Open Source: New Easy Facebook API Helper Library Using Blocks – A library that allows you to make different facebook calls complete with callbacks very cleanly using blocks.

Open Source: Customizable Library For Beautiful Easy Text Display With HTML Like Tags – This library allows you to define different core text effects, and apply them to your text just like html tags.

Free Library For Easily Adding An iCloud Photo Gallery To Your Apps (With An Example App) – An iOS 5 library and example app demonstrating how to use iCloud with your apps images.

Tutorial: iPad UISplitViewController And Storyboards – A tutorial on how to use the Xcode storyboard feature to set up an iPad UISplitViewController.

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  • 68

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