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Source Code To Cocos2D Puzzle Game Previously Listed In The iOS App Store As “What’s Hot” Is Released

On the open source apps list (now at 58 apps) I have listed several great games, and there are other game examples using Cocos2D.

Earlier today I found about another game being open sourced also created with Cocos2D that looks like a great example for anyone looking to create a Cocos2D game, especially if you’re looking to learn how to use/create your own custom level editor.

Here’s a video created by the game’s creators demonstrating the game in action:

This game is iLabyrinth and has been listed in “What’s hot” in all the app stores, and in “New and Noteworthy” in all the app stores.

Included with the source code is a level editor, you can find the Github repository here.

Thanks to the guys at UD7 for such a generous contribution to the community.

I’ve also added another app known as “Dollar Bets” and you can find all the apps on the open source iOS apps list.

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