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Open Source: View Container For Easily Adding Animated Push, Rotate, And Drag Manipulation

In the past I’ve mentioned a guide on how to manipulate images touch gestures.

This open source control allows you to take things to another level.  What the control allows you to do is easily add touch manipulation in the manner it is done in the Our Choice app from Push Pop Press.

Here’s the promo video for Our Choice, take note of how images, and videos are manipulated.

This is the behavior this component is attempting to duplicate:

Here is the features list taken from the Github page:

– Two-finger direct manipulation support to scale, pan and rotate
– Tap support to go into fullscreen and back to the original frame (delegate can block this individually and this is also disabled if you add a button as a subview and the user tapped the button)
–  Fully animates when going into fullscreen or back to the view’s original frame
–  Semi-realistic bounce effect for scale and position depending on “distance” of view relative to its target appearance (e.g. when the view needs to move a lot back to its position there is more bounce than we the view only needs to move a little; also applied to changes in scale)
–  Detaches from the current view and docks on the main view, so that your view always expands to the full screen. This is especially useful if you’re adding PSPushPopPressView’s in a complex view hierarchy.

You can find the Github page here with full usage instructions and an example.

Another very useful control released by Peter Steinberger who also released this excellent control for customized stacking iPad UIViewControllers.

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