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Open Source iOS Color Picker Components Roundup

Color picker’s are used in many different apps and it is somewhat surprising that Apple has not added in their own color picking control.

Over time I’ve seen quite a few searches for a color picker component on this site so I decided to create this roundup of favorite color picker components.

There have been many different color picker components available, but some have not been updated in as long as 2 years.  I chose these as they work and have been actively update.

1.Color Picker For iOS

This first component from Matthew Eager is based on a component has been designed to work within the UINavigationController stack, and has been tested to work  inside a UIPopoverController without any issues.  It also includes utility methods for color conversions between the HSV, RGB, and HEX color spaces.

You can find the Github repository for Color Picker for iOS here.


2. iPhone Color Picker

This component is used in several iPhone and iPad apps, and is very similar to Color Picker for iOS as both are based on the same older component.  This component does not have as many added features as Color Picker for iOS, but also looks like a great choice.

You can find the Google code site for iPhone Color Picker here.

3.  InfColorPicker

This third component has a completely different look from the other components.  This control is very simple,  has no frills, just a basic color picker component for your iPhone and iPad apps.

You can find the Github repository here.

4. Color Picker For iPhone

In my opinion this is the best looking component of the bunch.  This component is for iPhone apps, and subclasses UIView.

You can find the Github repository here.

Source (Japanese)

If you need to add a color picker into your apps – you can do so quickly and easily with one of the above libraries.

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