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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – November 14th, 2011


Welcome to another edition of the best resources in iOS development listing recent resources featured on this site in order of popularity.

Once again iOS 5 tutorials continue to top the list along with some excellent libraries and a quick tip on using Xcode 4.

Here are the resources:

Tutorial: Easy Face Detection With Core Image In iOS 5 (Example Source Code Provided) – An example project and tutorial showing how to implement the new face detection feature included within the Core Image API in iOS 5.

Tutorial: Using URL Schemes To Open The Settings App To A Specific Page In iOS 5 – A guide to utilizing the undocumented URL schemes add in iOS 5 that enable you to open the settings app to a specific section.

Library To Quickly Turn A Map Kit MapView Into A 3D Augmented Reality Map View – A very interesting library with a free license option that allows you to convert an existing MKMapView into an augmented reality 3D view.

Open Source: Library For Stacking Customized iPad UIViewControllers – Library for creating beautiful customized stacking controllers on the iPad.

Advanced iOS App Logging For Easier Desktop And Even In-App Debugging – A couple of excellent tools for detailed logging, including a library that allows for in app logging and console debugging.

Tip: How To Bring Up The Memory Browser In Xcode 4 – A quick tip on how to bring up the memory browser in Xcode 4.

Open Source iOS Color Picker Components Roundup – A listing of color pickers including solutions that have been testerd to work in the iPad’s UIPopOver.

Using Core Image Filters In iOS 5 On A Live Video Feed – A tutorial with a very interesting example project demonstrating the use of many different core image filters on live video.

Source Code To Cocos2D Puzzle Game Previously Listed In The iOS App Store As “What’s Hot” Is Released – The open source release of a previous hit game in the app store.

Solving Issues When Converting A Project To Use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) – An excellent guide on ARC including some excellent details on solving the issues that can occur when converting a non-ARC project to use ARC.

Tutorial: Easy iOS Databases With SQLite and FMDB – A step-by-step guide on using the open source SQLite wrapper FMDB for performing CRUD operations on a SQLite database.

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