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Survey Says Median iOS Game Revenue $2,400 – Average $86,315 Per Game Last 12 Months

I’ve seen a lot of iOS developer surveys – most are just fluff designed for you to check out a specific development or advertising platform without any real developer data shared.

This survey is different.

Over 250 independent game developers were surveyed (and this was an in-depth survey not a simple poll turned into a 20 page pdf!).

Significant Results

Taken by Streaming Color games, here are the most interesting and useful and somewhat inspiring numbers:

Over 60% Of Those Surveyed Were Not Full-Time Game Developers
The mean average revenue from those surveyed was $165,121. $86,315 average per game in sales and non-sales revenue the past 12 months.
The median revenue per game was $2,400 in sales and non-sales revenue.
Median Non-sales revenue (advertising, affiliate links, etc.) was higher than sales revenue
Games developed by multiple developers yielded significantly higher returns per developer (until the team size reached 10 or more developers)


If you’re not taking advantage of advertising and other income then there’s a good chance you’re missing out.

A $2,400 median per game for the last 12 months is ridiculously good when you consider the median quality of games in the app store and other channels for indie game distribution, and with an $86,315 avg. per game the big paydays are definitely out there.

Going it alone doesn’t seem to pay off and getting together with a few buddies is good – just don’t let everyone you know in on things šŸ™‚


6 replies on “Survey Says Median iOS Game Revenue $2,400 – Average $86,315 Per Game Last 12 Months”

The revenue at the middle point.Ā For example, if you had 9 numbers.. the 5th number right in the middle would be the median.

From wikipedia —

“TheĀ medianĀ of a finite list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one.”

Well, clearly the numbers favor a few developers… but a median of $2,400 for indie game develoeprs — is pretty high.

I remember the “average” for xbox live games being shared, and only being just over $1,000.. for iOS with this survey it was $86k+… and when you look at most flash game sponsorships selling out for under 1k….Ā 

Not that it’s much of a shocker that iOS numbers would be the highest for indie game devs.

“but a median of $2,400 for indie game develoeprs ā€” is pretty high”
Is it? Making a semi decent game could take months, its hardly profitable at all.

Definitely true.. standards have raised since that survey was taken.

Compared to other platforms where you can deliver indie games though that is actually (perhaps unfortunately?) pretty high.

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