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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

New iOS 5 Storyboard Tutorials Added

Last week I added the iOS 5 programming tutorials page, and I can see from the searches on this site that there is a great interest in tutorials about the storyboard feature introduced in Xcode 4.2.

For those unfamiliar with storyboards, essentially storyboarding is an enhancement to the interface builder tool allowing you to see the whole story, and visually handle the flow between UIViews making interface builder so much more powerful.

Many other enhancements were also introduced, and Apple’s own documentation on storyboards is rather large so the need for straightforward tutorials is huge.

I’ve set up a new  iOS 5 Storyboard tutorial page, and to begin with the listing includes 6 different straightforward step-by-step tutorials to help get started with storyboards.

If you’ve created a tutorial on using the storyboarding feature please submit it here.

Also added to the Xcode 4 tutorial page.

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