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Best Resources In iOS Development – October 17th, 2011

With both iOS 5, and the new iPhone 4S released this week (with even more pre-orders than the iPhone 4) there should definitely still a great time to be an iOS developer.

No surprise there was influx of people searching on this site for iOS 5 material.  Topping this resources list are iOS 5 related tutorials, a presentation on GCD and a great guide on understanding automatic reference counting.

Here are the resources:

The iOS 5 Tutorial Page – With iOS 5 released I created this page to specifically list those tutorials, guides, and other resources related to iOS 5.  Several tutorials are already listed with more to come.

Excellent Video Presentation For Understanding GCD – With the iPhone 4S being dual core this is a great presentation to watch with many learned insights about Grand Central Dispatch provided by the developer doing the presentation.

Understanding ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) The Best Guide So Far – A straightforward guide explaining the details of ARC along with some very insightful questions and answers in the comments.

Tool: Script For Automatic Generation Of Certificates Required To Enable Push Notification – A very handy script allowing you to automatically go through the tedious multi-step process of generating the certificates on your Mac and the Apple website automatically.

Survey Says Median iOS Game Revenue $2,400 – Average $86,315 Per Game Last 12 Months – A very insightful survey providing insight into revenue earned from iOS games.

Cross-Promotion Services For Easily Boosting iOS App Downloads Free – A listing of services allowing you to easily set u pcross promotion between games and other types of apps.

How To Check The Validity Of iOS App Promo Codes – Without Burning The Code –   A very handy tip showing how to check whether or not a promo code has been used without using up the code.  Great if you are spreading the word about your apps to a large number of iOS app review sites.

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