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Tutorial: Using The Tapku Library To Create An Elegant Marked Calendar

I’ve mentioned the brilliant open source Tapku library that provides iOS components for Coverflow, graphs, calendars, progress indicators and more.  I’ve been asked a few times on the site about open source controls for creating calendars, and I always point to Tapku.

I’ve found some excellent sample code along with a tutorial demonstrating how to use the Tapku component to build an an elegant, marked and animated calendar.

Here’s a video demonstrating the example code in action take note of the added markers on the 1st, and 20th (this video shows second version including tabbar):

The tutorial and example is from Benjamin Pearson explaining how the markings were added to the calendar , and you can find it along with the example projects showing how to do that and more here:
Tapku Library: Displaying Calendar Markers On iPhone

Another recommend open source library for calendar interfaces on the iPhone is Kal if you want something lighter without all the other Tapku extras, and don’t need an intra day calendar.

If you have been looking to add a marked calendar into an iPhone app this should save a lot of time.

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