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Tutorial: In-Depth Tutorial On The iOS UITableView And UIPickerView

If you are new to the iOS it’s likely that you are or will spending a tremendous amount of time learning to work with the UITableView component, and the UIPickerView component. These two components are extremely useful, but can be difficult to work with as illustrated by the over 4,000 combined questions on Stack Overflow about these two components.

I’ve found an excellent tutorial that demonstrates how to build a thermostat building application with interactive tableview cells, and an integrated UIPickerView component in exhausting detail. There is an extensive amount of information on these tutorials and if you are seeking to master these components then you might want to check them out.

Included is full source code for the tutorial, and here’s a video showing the end result in action:

The concepts used in creating this app are explained in these 3 tutorials by Tom Thompson here:

Displaying Tabular Data On iPhones

Making Two-Way Tables On iOS

Improving Data Entry With UIPickers

These are some of the most in-depth tutorials I’ve seen on this topic covering not just what you need to know, but covering everythings in depth with many diagrams are provided.   If you are looking for a thorough guide that explains everything this is the ticket.

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