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Open Source: Ultra-Realistic Page Curl Effect Library

In the past I’ve mentioned the excellent Leaves library that allows you to create some fairly realistic page transitions, but not on the level of apps such as iBooks.

This component allows you to implement a page curl like effect, and since it is open source you can see exactly how the developers were able to implement this effect.

A quick video showing the effect:

Here’s how the developer explains the technique used to create this effect on the Github page:

The concept behind this page curl effect is that of a virtual cylinder that moves on top of the page and everything that is at the right of this cylinder curls around it till the top of the cylinder and then it continues in a horizontal flat plane, hence showing the back of the page. The cylinder can be moved and rotated and its radius can change. The position of the cylinder is actually any point in its axis projected on the xy-plane, hence any point in the same axis results in the same cylinder.

Definitely a very cool effect.  The library is known as XBPageCurl and can be found on Github here.

I know from previous posts that there is a lot of interest in this type of effect, and this is the most realistic I’ve seen so far.

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