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Open Source: High Speed Interactive iOS Grid View Component

Creating a grid view is a very common task for iOS developers, and I have mentioned components designed for creating gridviews in the past, most recently AQGridView which is meant to emulate Mac OS X’s NSCollectionView.

I came across and tested another grid view component, this one designed to follow the same structure as a UITableView so it is very easy to adapt your UITableView code to make an interactive grid view using this library.  Also, this library was designed for speed and any lag that you may have seen with some other grid view components appears to be non-existent.

Here’s a quick video showing the demo that comes with this control in action (the actual demo runs completely smooth – if you notice any lag it’s due to the recording):

They have done a great job in creating a very efficient, and easy to use component.

The component is KKGridView from Kolin Krewinkel and you can find the Github here:

Keep in mind if you can’t get things running – the component requires an ARC (automatic reference count) compiler – it doesn’t require your project to use ARC, but the compiler you choose should.

Definitely looks like this component sets a new standard for grid view components – especially if you want one that operates like a UITableView.

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