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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source: Boilerplate for iOS Apps Released With A Multitude Of Useful Code

I’ve mentioned some great multi-purpose open source libraries lately such as the massive Cooliris toolkit, and the up and coming Three20 replacement library Nimbus.

And I’ve come across a new project that looks like it could become something every bit as useful as those great libraries.

This project is somewhat different in that it is not a library or a framework, but rather the potential starting point for an iOS app including many popular open source iOS libraries such as JSONKit, and ASIHttpRequest along with adaptable code snippets.  Including functionality for as asynchronous downloading, swipeable table view cells, map annotation and more.

The project is the iOS boiler plate and you can find it on Github here:

You can read more details on what is currently included on the homepage here:
iOS Boilerplate

It looks like the project is off to a great start.

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