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News: Open Source Wolfenstein 3D and Doom Apps Released With Significant Updates

I’ve kept a listing of open source iPhone apps for over two years now, the list has grown numbering listing over 50 apps that are in the app store.  Among those are several games, and certainly the most famous of those being Doom and Wolfenstein.

Recently the iOS versions of these classic games were updated most notably adding support for the retina display, and iPad.  The source code has also been re-released to include these updates — complete with the Xcode projects.

In the past the official download for the source files has gone down so if you’re interested in this I suggest downloading now so you don’t have to dig for a third party site later.

You can find the download links on the open source ios apps page and on the official announcement.

Interestingly enough in the readme for Wolfenstein 3D John Carmack states:

If anyone does build another quality commercial application based on this code, let us know, and we can probably do some kind of cross linking.

Sounds like there could be a great opportunity there.

[via Alex Curylo]

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