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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development – Sept. 26th, 2011


Another week has passed and once again we have provided a selection of components, tutorials, and tools.

A small surprise this week was that the tech pundits were proven completely wrong, and there was no release of another iOS 5 SDK release.  So it will be interesting to see when the next edition of the iPhone is released.

This week’s components feature a very useful component for adding fancy text labels into your apps, a side-scrolling view component, and a very realistic page curl library that goes one step beyond the effects in previously mentioned open source controls featured on this site.

Here are the resources in order of popularity:

1. Open Source Drop In UILabel Replacement Library For Easy Fancy Text With Gradients and Shadows – An extremely useful library that will easily allow you to add text with special effects for greater impact.

2. Open Source: iPhone Component For Easy Scrolling Between Multiple Views Like Mobile Safari – A very useful control if you would like the user to be able to switch between full sized views that provides a sideways scrollable interface just like the new page interface in mobile Safari.

3. Open Source: Ultra-Realistic Page Curl Effect Library – A library for ultra realistic page curls just like in iBooks and other apps that can move and fold following a specified point.

4. How To Win iOS Development Contracts With Big Companies Like Disney And BMW – An interesting interview with the founder of an iOS development firm that has been contracted for the development of many apps for high profile companies.

5. Tool: Brilliant Free (For Now) Code Snippet Manager And Documentation Browser – A very useful tool for easier document browsing, and code snippet management.  Currently available for free in the Mac app store.

6. 2D Lua Game Development Tool From Gideros Mobile With Free License Option – A development tool that utilizes the Lua programming language, and provides it’s own ide, and graphical tools so you can get started quickly.  Provides a free licensing option.

7. News: Apps Created With The Free Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK Can Now Been Distributed – The brilliant QCAR augmented reality SDK from Qualcomm for the  iOS platform has now left the testing phase.

8. Cocos2d-X Examples Collection Ported From Popular Cocos2D-iPhone Tutorials – A listing of many different Cocos2D-X examples that have been converted from Cocos2D-iPhone.

9. Tutorial: Integrate Cocos2D With An Interface Builder Created UI And Gesture Recognizers – A guide on integrating Cocos2D based applications with UIKit interface components.

10. Free Framework For Developing 2D Games With Unity3D – A free 2D game framework providing a large set of features to enable easier development of 2D games with Unity3D.

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