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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

An In-Depth Look At The Sensible Tableview UITableView Library


If you’ve been following iOS development sites for awhile then you’ve likely come across a few source code stores that often sell components that could be cloned in an hour or two at an extremely high price. Because of this, the first time I that I came across Sensible TableView I didn’t really give it much of a chance – that was a mistake.

When I noticed the team at Sensible Cocoa was purchasing advertising on this site I decided to give it a look.

Please keep in mind that while Sensible TableView does purchase advertising on this site they did not ask me or pay me to write this article. I was curious about their product, and I thought others visiting this site might be too.

Tarek from sensible Cocoa gave me a chance to check out the Sensible Tableview library, and I was very surprised by the number of features and the very high quality applications that were already using Sensible TableView as a sort of secret weapon to build apps quickly.

Apps Using Sensible TableView

Some of the extremely high quality apps using Sensible TableView are ThinkBook, Tap Forms, and iTeach .

A UITableView Replacement

I was very surprised at how easy things were after going through their brief 7 minute “UITableView replacement” video which shows you how to build an interactive, and editable UITableView replacement automatically. Keep in mind that the tableviews you create with Sensible Tableview are real native UITableView’s – these are not built using html5/javascript or any hacks, and you are still using Objective-C and the iOS SDK. You also get full source code so you can tweak, adjust and extend as much as you like.

Other Features

Sensible Tableview is much more than a simple UITableView replacement, and you can check out this page for a list of many of Sensible TableView’s custom cells, and features.

From the list of features you can see that Sensible Tableview has many useful time saving features for an app that displays data from or saves to a database, and especially if you are creating an app that requires the user to enter data into a form. I highly suggest checking out the Sensible TableView intro video for a more in depth introduction.

An Active Community

Another thing to take note of is that Sensible Cocoa has a very active and helpful community forum. You can find many gems in the forums provided by the Sensible Cocoa team. I haven’t seen any products similar to Sensible Tableview that have anything close to this community.


Sensible TableView also includes video training (downloadable for registered users), and searchable help that can be installed within Xcode. The videos include demonstrations on how to integrate with Core Data, how to extract values from the tableview, and using Sensible Tableview’s included validators to validate user data.


A few people have asked me how they can contribute to this site. Since Sensible Tableview have supported this site one thing you can do is check out their site, and see if Sensible Tableview is for you or share this article with someone who you think might be interested in Sensible Tableview.


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