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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tools: Great Xcode 4 Themes And Xcode 3 Theme Converter

If you have ever wanted to make Xcode 4 easier on the eyes then it’s likely that you have played around with the Xcode 4 preferences and seen the built in themes. You may have also tweaked around with the settings – I’ve definitely found the default fonts could be easier to read.

Earlier I was doing just that, and after wasting time trying to get things right I decided to see if I could find any good pre-made themes.

I quickly came across the Ego v2 Theme from Enormego which I’m very happy with.

I also came across a Github project providing a number of themes in both light and dark variations from Jason Brennan so if you are looking for themes with good readable fonts and light backgrounds you may find one here (screenshots on Github page):

I also saw a RailsCasts inspired theme sitting out in the wild from Simon Wallner which is very readable.

If you already have some Xcode 3 themes and would like to convert them to Xcode 4 then you can convert them with the very handy Ruby script found on this page.

To install a custom theme is very simple – just create a:
directory, place your theme within it and when you start up Xcode you should see your new theme in the preferences.

It’s such a small thing, but I think you’ll be much happier with a better Xcode 4 Theme.

Added to the Xcode 4 Tutorial and Guide page.

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