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Johann Dowa

Open Source: Multipurpose Utility Library With Dozens Of Cocoa Touch Helper Classes


Not too long ago I mentioned the tremendous Cooliris Toolkit providing over 40 different utility libraries for iOS developers.

Earlier today I stumbled across another new iOS library also providing a large number of components.  This library contains many utility components for making common tasks easier such as view animations, creating tableview cells, logging, multithreading and much more.

Here’s a listing of of some of the features taken from the Github page:

  • High-quality view controller containers (view controller embedding, view controller stacking) with several transition animations
  • View controllers for web browsing and for easier table view search management
  • Multi-threaded task management, including task grouping, cancellation, progress status, task dependencies and remaining time estimation
  • New controls (text field moving automatically with the keyboard, new kind of segmented control)
  • Various extensions to Cocoa and UIKit classes (date and time, collections, notifications, etc.)
  • Classes for common UI tasks (keyboard management, interface locking)
  • Classes for single-line table view cell and view instantiations
  • Classes for creating complex view animations made of several sub-animations
  • Lightweight logger, assertions, float comparisons, etc.

The library is the Coconutkit from Samuel Defago and you can find the Github page for the library here:

In order to learn about many of the features within this library and to figure out what each specific class does you will need to look within the header files.

Take note of the usage instructions from the Github page as they are somewhat different from most other open source libraries – it is suggested that you download the binary from the Github page (found when pressing the download button) and add the framework into the class.

The author has created a video detailing the process of using the library (you will need to log in to Vimeo for a clearer image):

Build instructions are also provided on the Github page if you decide that you must build everything yourself.

Looks like a great library that will take quite some time to learn how to use to it’s full potential.


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