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Open Source: Library For Easier Gesture Recognizers, Scrolling Views, And TableViews In Cocos2D

Not too long ago I posted about an open source project providing an assortment of extensions for Cocos2D providing a number of utility classes for Cocos2D games allowing you to easily add features such as video, menus, and file downloading.

I’ve come across another new open source project created to allow you to add in functionality similar to that is designed to “bridge the gap” between UIKit and Cocos2D.  So far classes are available within the project allowing you to easily add in functionality similar to the UIScrollView, UIGestureRecognizer, and UITableView classes in your Cocos2D games.

The project is known as CCKit from Jerrod Putman, and you can find the Github here:

You can read Jerrod’s writeup including code snippets showing how to use the library here:
Introducing CCKit

The project is very new, but is off to a great start.  You can expect more updates and features in the future.


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