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Open Source: iOS Keychain Wrapper For Easily Securing User Data For Your App

Not too long ago I mentioned a tutorial on using the iOS keychain to store usernames and passwords.

I received a submission earlier this week about an excellent open source project that very easily allows you to secure user data using the iOS keychain.  The project acts as a drop-in replacement for NSUserDefaults, and you simply replace your calls to NSUserDefaults, and NSUserDefaultsController to the wrapper.  Just some minor changes required.

Here’s what the developer Carl Brown of PDAgent had to say about the project:

I wrote a set of classes for OSX and iOS that implement accessing the Secure Keychain as if it was NSUserDefaults.  That way, developers who want to secure their App’s data, and who already know how to use NSUserDefaults (which I hope they all do), should be able to do so with a minimum of confusion.

It’s on github, and I’m releasing it under the MIT license.  Hopefully it will lower the barrier to people using the Keychain correctly.

You can find the Github project here:

Included within the project is an iOS example demonstrating how easy it is to use.  A definite time-saver if you want to secure user data using the keychain.

Thanks for the submission Carl!

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