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Open Source: Cocos2D Tile Map Based Game, iPad Text Editor, And Music Synthesizer Apps

If you’ve been visiting this site for awhile then you’re likely aware that I keep a listing of Open Source iOS Apps – and have been adding  in every app that I come across to the list.  If you come across an open source app not on the list then please post about it in the comments.

In this update I have added a Cocos2D based game that makes a great demonstration for those looking to create a game with multiple levels, and tile maps.  Also added are an iPad text editor, and iPad music synthesizer.

As always be sure to read any license information provided by the developers.

Here are the newly added apps:

Bubbsy – A multiple level tile map based game created that uses Cocos2D and Box2d along with the free Tiled map editor, and  Inkscape vector graphics editor for level creation.  Thanks to the developer Steve for the submission.  You can find the source download and home page here.

Edhita – A text editor for the iPad from Born Neet that makes avery good html editor with support for features such as FTP transfers, undo and redo, browser previewing.  This is a pretty cool example to look at if you’ve been looking to add text editing capabilities into an application.  You can find the source code download and home page here.

Mugician – A very interesting music synthesis app for iPad that is even being used by musicians in live gigs.   This is a very cool app if you’re interested in making music.  The source code page with information about the app can be found here.

Added to the Open Source iPhone Apps list.

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