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Tutorial: Using And Building OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) On iOS Devices

If you have any interest in computer vision or augmented reality with marker detection then you have probably heard of OpenCV, the Open Source Computer Vision library for real time computer vision.

There are many apps, and some augmented reality libraries (even commercial ones) that use the BSD licensed OpenCV.  However, building for iOS was a real pain, and for awhile it almost seemed like some wanted to keep the entire process secret (can’t really blame them!).  I mentioned a tutorial that explained the process but definitely didn’t make things easy.

I recently came across a build script that alleviates all that pain so you can have OpenCV installed for iOS devices automatically, and it’s been updated to support OpenCV 2.2.9.  The build script is from Khvedchenya Eugene and in the second part he writes on getting started with OpenCV in Objective-C.

Update: If you don’t mind precompiled binaries Khvedchenya has a precompiled iOS binary also available of OpenCV 2.3RC (thanks for telling me Tom!).

You can find Khvedchenya’s tutorials here:
Building OpenCV For iPhone In One Click
Using OpenCV In Objective-C Code

You can find the Github for the most recent version of the build script here:


[UPDATE] For those interested in OpenCV 2.3 pre-compiled binary:
OpenCV 2.3 Release Candidate Is Available

If you ever want to dabble in augmented reality on iOS devices this is a great help.

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