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Tutorial: Texturing 3D Objects In OpenGL ES 2.0

OpenGL ES is a topic that I’ve posted about many times on this site, and I’ve been trying to keep a categorized list of OpenGL ES tutorials up to date with every OpenGL ES tutorial I’ve seen.  There have not been too many OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorials to date that go beyond the absolute basics.

Previously I mentioned a good series on OpenGL ES 2.0 that gave a great overview on beginner through advanced topics with some sample code.  I also mentioned a great hands on beginners OpenGL ES 2.0 tutorial from Ray Wenderlich, the creator of the Space Game Starter Kit and co-author of the Learning Cocos2D book,.

Ray has continued on with his tutorial series, and added another tutorial explaining how to texture objects in OpenGL ES 2.0 on iOS devices.  Texturing may sound like something simple, but the process of loading in the textures, and extracting the data from memory makes things somewhat stick on the iPhone and iPad.

You can find the tutorial here:
OpenGL ES 2.0 for iPhone Tutorial Part 2: Textures

Definitely some very handy snippets of code if you ever need to do your own texturing in OpenGL ES 2.0.

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