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Tutorial: Format Text Magazine Style Using Core Text

The Core Text library allows for easy text formatting and I have mentioned it several times in the past with the fancy text effects tutorial and an excellent open source project enabling easy multi-column text display.

I’ve come across an excellent tutorial that puts everything together demonstrating how to create a magazine style app.  You’ll learn how to format the text in multiple columns, justify, place images within your text, create fancy headlines and more.

What I really like about this tutorial is that it gives a high level overview of the Core Text module, and explains why and when you would want to use core text rather than a UIWebView and does so with a code example that you can actually use and create an app with.

The tutorial is from Marin Todorov and can be found here:
How  To Create A Simple Magazine App With Core Text

A great tutorial and source code example if you ever need to create any kind of an app with formatted text.

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Sorry about that Marin.. was talking to a Maxim while I wrote that writeup and had a bit of a Freudian slip.

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