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Tutorial: Building Complete Games With SpriteHelper And LevelHelper

I’ve previously mentioned the excellent SpriteHelper and LevelHelper tools.   These tools work with Cocos2d, Cocos2D X, and Corona SDK games and allow to quickly add graphics design levels, and physics to your games with drag-and-drop and parameter selection.

Together these tools are a very powerful combination, and save an incredible amount of time – while being pretty inexpensive.  You can build your own games very quickly.  I’ve always liked, but then run into issues whenever using drag’n’drop game dev tools.  What I love about these tools is that you get the ease of development, but can still do whatever you want in code.

Recently Vladu Bogdan, creator of the tools recently added a couple of excellent tutorials on how to build complete games.

Marin Todorov has also created an easy to follow guide for beginners working with SpriteHelper and Level Helper working with Cocos2D.

You can find Vladu’s extensive complete game tutorials on building a run’n’gun game here:
Full Game Tutorial – Corona SDK
Full Game Tutorial – Cocos2d

You can find Marin’s tutorial here:
How To Quickly Create Physics Levels For Your Games

If you’ve been trying to get the most out of these tools these tutorials should definitely help you get started.

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