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Open Source: iOS Scene Graph Library 3D – Free 3D Graphics Engine

If you have been visiting this site for a while, you may have noticed that I try to keep track of open source iOS game engines (and if you don’t like me using the terms game engine and graphics engine interchangeably there – get over it!).  I rarely ever mention engines anymore that have not been used within any apps available within the app store at this time.  The reason for that is that most 3D engine projects end up being given up on by their originators.

One library that I have been watching for some time is the iOS Scene Graph Library (iSGL3D).  With the recent release of the game Project Mos (if you are a space combat junkie you should check it out).  I’m happy to mention the engine on this site.

The library boosts an extensive set of features, here is the feature list taken from the project’s Google Code page:

  • Simple 3D scene construction
  • Lighting and shading
  • Camera manipulation
  • Multiple views with independent viewports
  • Meshes and built-in primitives
  • Particle systems
  • Billboards
  • Color, texture and animated texture materials
  • Support for PowerVR compressed textures
  • Optimised performance with OpenGL ES 1.1 and ES 2.0
  • Hardware accelerated matrix calculations
  • Scene and model importing from PowerVR POD files
  • Bridging to Bullet physics library
  • Real-time shadows
  • Animation by Tweening
  • Skeleton and mesh skinning
  • Keyframe vertex animation/morphing
  • Integrated accelerometer support
  • Touch-screen events and interactive 3D objects
  • Occlusion transparency
  • Basic user interface creation

You can find the project’s Google Code page here:

You can also check out the project’s homepage here:

Be sure to check out the iSGL3D tutorials page if you decide to try it iSGL3D out.  Some great looking tutorials there.

2 replies on “Open Source: iOS Scene Graph Library 3D – Free 3D Graphics Engine”

I checked out iSGL3D a week ago after seeing it mentioned here. I could not get it to build properly so posted on their google forum. No reply after a few days so I checked out Cocos3D instead.
The author has just posted to say that he won’t be carrying development forward & he is looking for others to pick it up.

My few tests seemed to indicate that it would not build for older devices and the simulator at this time due to the maths implementation. I may be wrong but it’s worth knowing in advance that there’s work to do to get it going.

Cocos3D is well supported & moving forward. I’m not skilled enough to compare the 2 packages but I’m very happy with Cocos3D other than having to use Cocos2D as well but they come as a pair.

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