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Open Source: iCade Library For Easy Integration In iOS Games

The iPad has created quite a market for bluetooth peripherals and one of the coolest has to be the iCade.

The iCade is a mini arcade cabinet which you can fit your iPad within, and comes with a classic arcade style joystick, and buttons.  The iCade uses bluetooth so it can actually work with other tablets or even with your desktop.  I’ve almost talked myself into getting one by writing this article.

If you are unfamiliar with the iCade you can check out this video:

A pretty cool device, and at the cost of $99 you can imagine those using it are pretty hardcore iPad classic game enthusiasts.

Stuart Carnie has created a library for easy integration in iOS games, and includes a sample app.

You can find the project on Github here:

You can check out the iCade on ThinkGeek here:
 iCade – Arcade Game Cabinet

The peripheral seems to have gained quite a following, and being able to advertise your game with iCade support might drive up it’s popularity.  Easy to do with this open source library.

[via Alex Curylo]


3 replies on “Open Source: iCade Library For Easy Integration In iOS Games”

Awesome, yeah, and I hope the price of these peripherals comes down.

Looks like they’ve already carved out a good niche with the iCade though.

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