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Open Source: Behavioral Driven Development Testing Framework

For those unfamiliar with the term behavioral driven development testing (BDD) frameworks are used so that you can test applications using logical English like syntax.

I have come across an open source  framework designed specifically for iOS devices.   What’s cool about this specific framework is that it can easily be attached to Objective-C methods, runs in the simulator, and let’s you store your different stories in different files so you could easily demonstrate your software’s ability to cope with different scenario’s.

Here’s an example of the types of a story used for testing:

Story: Example story showing the basic syntax.
Given Simon is working
Then I should be able to see abc and 5 in the log and say goodby at the end.

The framework is known as Simon, and was created by Derek Clarkson.

It can be found on Github here:

UPDATE: Got feedback about another framework known as Kiwi you may want to check out if this interests you.

I had never used one of these frameworks before, but it looks like a great way to illustrate an app does exactly what it should do. HKSAB58YGFWN

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