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News: Moai SDK Game Development Kit Made Available To All

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Moai SDK.  An open source iOS game development kit allowing for development of iOS apps (and Android apps) in Lua.  What I really liked about the engine that it has already been used in could be extended to support any functionality within the iOS SDK.

At that time Moai  a limited beta, the beta has been extended now to support all developers.

In order to download the latest SDK release and the cloud services you will need to sign up on the Moai website for the dashboard here:

You can find the Github project for the Moai SDK Source here:

The cloud services look great, and very easy to code – if you’re interested be sure to check out their 60 second tutorial here:
60 Second Moai Cloud Tutorial

There are numerous improvements since I first mentioned the SDK. Looks like the guys developing the Moai SDK have been very busy!

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