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News: Open Beta For Free 3D Objective-C Game Engine Nineveh

On this site I’ve mentioned many different iOS game engines on the open source iOS game engines list, and the commercial iOS game engines list.  For the most part the free game engines are all 2D.

I recently found out about another game engine known as Nineveh from this forum posting that has entered into open beta.  It looks great so far, and is well documented so if you want to play around with it you can just dive right in.

A few of the features offered are:

  • Support for .OBJ and Collada meshes
  • Reflections, Speculars, Bump mapping
  • Easily combine shader effects

You can find Neveh here:

Be sure to check out their set of video tutorials if you want to learn how to use Nineveh quickly here:

While it’s still in open beta it looks great.  The have stated that this is a free game engine  – and not just freely available because it is in open beta.

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Another open source Objective-C 3D framework for iOS that could be worth checking out is iSGL3D (

The objective of the framework is to make the construction and manipulation of 3D scenes as simple as possible for the developer.

It includes a range of features such as simple scene and object manipulation, lighting and shading, cameras, multiple views, meshes and particles, tweening, mesh skinning, vertex animation, shadows, object interactivity, etc.

The website also includes the full API for the framework and a number of tutorials to get started.

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