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Johann Dowa

iOS 5 SDK Beta Download Released – Summary [Updated]


Just in case you missed the keynote speech, Apple has announced the key features that will be included within the iOS 5 operating system, iCloud, and Mac OS X Lion.

This is an extensive update with over 200 new features being added, and if you haven’t checked it out it is an amazing list of features that should continue to drive iOS app sales.

Here’s a summary of the key features announced:

  • The ability to activate iOS devices without a PC
  • Wireless syncing
  • Multiple game center updates including the ability to buy apps within game center
  • A new notification center aggregating multiple notifications, and in app alerts that don’t interrupt app usage
  • A new messenger for communicating between iOS devices whether on Wifi or 3G
  • A newsstand folder for magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • A reminders to-do list app that can provide reminders based on time and/or location
  • Twitter integrated right into iOS and working within diffferent Apple apps
  • Camera app right on the homescreen and a new photos app with more picture editing options

Looks like a great update for consumers – a few app developers might be upset (like those with Twitter apps, simple to do list apps or simple image editing apps) but we will have to wait and see exactly what is in the SDK which should be up as soon as Apple updates their developer website.

iCloud looks like it could be the real sales driver in all this as it provides free storage for data, photos, music – interesting to see what else we can do with the iCloud Cloud Storage APIs.

UPDATE: Apple has released some more iOS 5 SDK details publically, some notable features are automatic reference counting, storyboards for apps that use tab bars, Core Image, a high level OpenGL ES framework GLKit, and new Xcode instruments.

For more info and download head here:

You can find Apple’s info on iOS 5 and a nice video showing off some of the new features here:

You can find out more about iCloud here:

Hopefully the site is up by the time you read this!

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