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Update: Balloon Game Tutorial In Xcode 4

Recently I received a few comments and e-mails stating that the beginner’s game programming tutorial featured on this site had issues when running with Xcode 4.  I decided to test things out, and had no issues when running the tutorial in Xcode 4 with the latest release version of the SDK.

You can see a screenshot of the game running in Xcode 4 and the simulator below.

The issues may have to do with some still running an older version of Xcode, possibly a beta version.  Be sure to update to the latest version available in Apple’s developer website, and if you don’t have access to download the latest version of Xcode 4 you can find it available in the app store for $4.99 here.

If you still receive an error when running the tutorial even wit the latest version of the SDK, please state the error within Xcode.


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