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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source: Extremely Useful Library For Debugging And Perfecting iOS User Interfaces


Getting the user interface just right in an app can be difficult.

Sometimes things just are not exactly as they were in the interface builder, or there is a problem, and tracking down exactly which component is causing the problem turns into a real timesink.

I found out about an excellent library that when used within an app enables a multitude of tools, and tweaks allowing you to quickly debug, and adjust your user interfaces in real time so that you can get things exactly how you want them as quickly as possible.

The library is known as Introspect, and here is a list of features taken from the official website:

  • Simple to setup and use
  • Controlled via app-wide keyboard commands
  • Highlighting of view frames
  • Displays a views origin & size, including distances to edges of main window
  • Move and resize view frames during runtime using shortcut keys
  • Logging of properties of a view, including subclass properties, actions and targets (see below for an example)
  • Manually call setNeedsDisplay, setNeedsLayout and reloadData (for UITableView)
  • Highlight all view outlines
  • Highlight all views that are non-opaque
  • Shows warning for views that are positioned on non-integer origins (will cause blurriness when drawn)
  • Print a views hierarchy to console

You can find the official page for introspect here:

The Github page can be found here:

The next time you find yourself tweaking a UI you will want to remember this.


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