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iOS Javascript Games Without UIWebView

Javascript game development has grown significantly in recent times.  Recently the developer of the Impact game engine was able to get a couple of his games approved by Apple for app store distribution, that are written with Javascript.

The trick was apparently creating a static compilation of the JavaScriptCore library.  JavaScriptCore is a private api in the SDK, but is available in the open source Webkit download, and — after several days — things are working.  This allows you to bypass using an libraries such as Phonegap, with full sound, and apparently better performance.

The two games that were approved are Biolab Disaster and Drop.  Both games perform very well, and this looks like it could be a very useful development for those who would prefer to develop their games in Javascript for cross-platform compatibility.

You can read more details on the author’s website here.  You can currently download the source so you can do this yourself if you own a license for the impact game engine.

Hopefully soon we’ll see some publicly available projects now that the process for doing this is widely known.

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