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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development May 16th 2011


The best resources in iOS development covers resources which have been listed on this site.

This latest edition features sample games written with the Corona SDK, and HTML5.  Open source libraries allowing for user interface enhancements.  Tutorials on Game Center, Xcode 4, and more.

Especially noticeable has been an increase in the number of people looking for information on using Apple’s Xcode 4 ide.  For this reason I have created the Xcode 4 tutorial and guide page where I will be listing the most useful Xcode 4 information which I come across.

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

Open Source: Fruit Ninja Type Example Game With The Corona SDK – Sample code for a fruit cutting game made with the Corona SDK.

Open Source: Orbium Game (HTML5 Based – Available on iPhone/iPad) – Source code for a complex puzzle game written to run in your web browser.

Open Source: Simple Drop-In In Line Browser View Component – Great component for those looking to show web pages within their apps with essential features such as page titles, forward/back buttons, and more.

Open Source: iPad Style UIPopover Clone For iPhone – Add popover’s into your iPhone apps for increased interactivity.

Tutorial: Game Center Basics – Leaderboards And Achievements – Tutorials for beginners to Game Center covering the essentials for working with Game Center leader boards and achievements.

Tutorial: Multiplayer Game Using Game Center – Tutorial featuring the creation of a simple game using Cocos2D, and adding multiplayer functionality using Game Center.

Xcode 4 Review And Feature Guide – A review of Xcode 4 that also acts as a great guide for those looking to understand the added features in Xcode 4.

Open Source: Game Center Achievement Notification Popup Generator – Drop-in library allowing you to add achievement notifications styled to look like other Game Center notifications.

Microsoft Releases iOS Library For Bing Maps – Microsoft has released a library allowing you to add Bing maps into our iPhone and iPad apps.

Tutorials: Xcode 4 Beginner Screencasts – Great set of screencasts from the Pragmatic Programmers for beginners to the Xcode 4 ide.

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