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Tutorials: How To Create Great Looking iOS Apps Even If You Are A Design Noob

I have to admit that when it comes to design, I’m pretty much clueless (and you’re probably saying I can see that by looking at your site — I’m working on it as time permits!).  Design is just so important in the iPhone and iPad app stores.  Let’s face facts there’s a lot of absolutely useless apps in the app store that you would never open more than once unless you were showing them to a friend — that have been massively successful.

It is hard to find good tips on how to do this.  Most designers seem to do everything so naturally, and will just tell you it takes hours and hours of practice.  Few designers can really break the process of design into something that you can comprehend even if you’re a design noob.

Jen Gordon has created a great set of tutorials detailing the process of designing good looking apps (looking at her apps, she really knows her stuff  just check out some of the apps Jen has designed such as Doodle Bright, Popper, and Farm Friends.  There’s ten tutorials in total that covering a wide variety of topics:

The Tutorials

1. Introduction To iPhone Design – a discussion of the differences between desktop and mobile software design.

2. iPhone And iPad Design Templates And How To Use Them – How to format your graphics for the iPhone and iPad displays, and how to adjust them for the different display sizes.

3. Designing Apps That Use All Available iPhone Functionality – A discussion of iOS device features such as gestures, the accelerometer, and gps are implemented in well designed apps.

4. How To Design For Different Types of iPhone Apps – A look at many well designed iPhone apps, and what makes them work.

5. The Mobile Design Process – An overview of some good things to think about when designing an iOS app.

6. The Pros And Cons Of Apple Default Vs. Custom Graphics – How to determine when to use the default design of iOS components, and when to roll your own design.

7. Understanding Your Apps Target Audience – Some questions you can ask yourself in order to create an app better designed for your target market.

8. Killer Tips For iPhone And iPad Design – A useful checklist to go through for bettering your app’s design.

9. Top 5 Tips For Wireframing And Paper Prototyping – A collection of tips for improving the prototyping process.

10. How To Sell Well Designed Apps With Better Screenshots – A tutorial outlining how Jen creates great looking screenshots for her apps.

Improving Your Designs Quickly

If you’d like to automatically improve your app design you may want to check out the app templates from the App Design Vault.

You’ll find a lot of great pre-made designs with example projects.  Included are templates for designing custom controls, business apps, food apps, apps for blogs and more.  Check out the gallery.

Definitely a lot of good stuff in for anyone’s just a programmer and an absolute design noob.

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