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Johann Dowa

Tutorial: How To Build An iOS Chat App Using Cocoa Classes

It can be hard to find complete examples with Cocoa to build web apps.  Most of the tutorials available will use libraries such as ASIHttpRequest and Gdata in order to simplify the process.  That’s great but there might be times when you might need to work with Cocoa’s built in classes.

Jack Herrington has written a very detailed tutorial demonstrating how to create a chat app using cocoa classes.

The tutorial goes from the ground up, building a simple server in PHP, and from there building the user interface, complete with a tableview holding all messages, an XML parser with NSXMLParser, and how to send and receive messages using various NSUrl classes.

You can find the tutorial here complete with downloadable source code:
Building An iPhone Chat App From The Ground Up

If you’ve been looking to build a chat app, or want a better understanding of Cocoa’s communication classes this is a great read.

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