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Tutorial: Detailed Adwhirl Cocos2D Guide

I’ve previously mentioned Adwhirl as an excellent way to increase your ad revenue by filling in for those times when iAds has nothing to display, which can be especially helpful for apps that are popular outside of the USA.

Suprisingly, a large number of searchers come to this site looking for tutorials on getting iAd working, specifically with Cocos2D.  Previously a tutorial was posted in this Adwhirl post on the iPhone development forum detailing how to get this done, but some people had difficulty following along.  Fortunately, the creator of the tutorial has updated their original tutorial with in-depth screenshots, to help at every step.

You can find the tutorial at:
AdWhirl & cocos2d-iPhone

If you are unsure of exactly what Adwhirl is, and how it can help you can find it here.

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