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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

The Best Resources In iOS Development – February 6th 2011


It’s been another very active week for the site, and I appreciate everyone sharing the resources from this site.  It really keeps things going.  The community is getting more active, and there were so many great resources shared in the last week.

If you have a specific resource you’d like to share there’s two great ways to share them.. you can tweet them at me @maniacdev or you can post them on the iPad and iPhone Development Forum.

These are the top resources shared in the past week:

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

Tutorials: How To Create Great Looking iOS Apps Even If You Are A Design Noob – An excellent set of tutorials and guides from an app design expert for those without a design background looking to design a great looking and user friendly app.

Open Source: Libraries For Custom Status Bar Notifications And UIBarButtonItems – Open source project enabling customizable status bar notifications, overlays, and UIBarButtonItem’s similar to the Reeder, Evernote, and Google Maps apps.

Open Source: Generate Objective-C iOS App Code Using A Simple Domain Specific Language – An open source project that generates app source code from a very brief domain specific language.

iOS Beginner Screencasts – Xcode And Objective-C From The Start – A set of high quality screencasts for those who are absolute beginners to Xcode and Objective-C.

Open Source: Library With A Massive Number Of Useful UIKit Interface Enhancements – A very useful, and rapidly growing library of useful user interface enhancements.

Example Source Code: Face Detection And Augmented Reality – Source code from an upcoming book demonstrating face detection, and location based augmented reality.

Tutorial: How To Build An iOS Chat App Using Cocoa Classes – A step-by-step guide demonstrating how to use Cocoa networking classes such as NSUrl by creating a simple chat application.

Tutorial: Detailed Adwhirl Cocos2D Guide – A newly updated guide for those having difficulty integrating Adwhirl and Cocos2D.

Open Source: Beautiful App Sales Tracking Tool MyAppSales – A newly open sourced app with a beautiful interface, and extensive historical statistics for those looking to track app sales data.

Building An iOS App With Sencha Touch And Phonegap From The Start – A step-by-step guide starting at the absolute beginning for those looking to build an application with Phonegap and Sencha Touch.

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