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Open Source: Cocos3D – Take Cocos2D Apps To Another Dimension

The success of Cocos2D has spawned many related open source projects.  One obvious limitation with Cocos2D has always been the inability to create 3D games.  If you’ve seen my page outlining open source iPhone game engines then you are probably aware that the choice of open source 3D game engines on iOS devices has become very limited.

A new project, Cocos3D looks to change that by offering full 3D modeling space, cameras, materials, lighting, and support for a  wide variety of 3d model types.  The most interesting aspect of Cocos3D being that it integrates seamlessly with Cocos2D, and all objects both 2D and 3D can interact with each other.

While the project is still in beta it already has an impressive feature set.

You can download the Cocos3D beta here:
Cocos3D Beta

You can find the cocos3D programming guide here:
Cocos3D Programming Guide

It looks like Cocos3D has a ways to go, but judging by the impressive start it appears to be in the right hands.

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