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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tutorial: Finding Memory Leaks With The Allocations Instrument And Heapshot Analysis

Memory leaks can be a major hassle, and I’ve mentioned some Objective-C memory management in the past, and a great beginners tutorial how to avoid memory leaks in iOS apps.

Today I found a great guide on how to use Xcode’s excellent allocations instrument tool — specifically on how to use heapshots to pinpoint any memory leaks within your apps.  This guide goes through everything in a step-by-step manner on how to find the leaks, and details the elimination of a specific problem.

The technique in this tutorial is very useful if you just can’t trace the problem by using the static analysis “Build And Analyze” option in Xcode.

You can find the tutorial on bbum’s weblog at:
Using Heapshot Analysis to Find A Memory Leak

If you’ve got a leak that you just can’t get a hold of this is some great info.

[via Ablepear Software]

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