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Outsourcing iOS Game Art At A Good Price

Creating artwork can be the most painstaking part in creating a game.  So when I see someone talking about how they were able to successfully outsource the artwork in one of their games I take notice.

In previous articles I mentioned a great resource on how to communicate with an artist so you could get your iOS graphic design done.  Today I found a good article on outsourcing your art using freelance sites where you can hopefully get things done right and at a good price.

The article is Alfred Baudisch and can be found on the Karnak Games website here:
How To Outsource Art For Your Game Using Freelancing Sites

In the article Alfred covers several sites that you can look at, and one other site that is not mentioned that I know can provide quality outsourcers that you may want to check out is  In my opinion the quality of the people on there is typically a bit above other sites like

Something that I can’t emphasize enough, which Alfred touches on in his article  is that you don’t mention that the art  is for an iOS app.  When talking to some artists it just seemed that when I mentioned that it was for an iPhone app that they wanted more money.  That may just have been my paranoia, but if it’s not necessary to do so I wouldn’t mention the app store.

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Thanks for recommending my article.
Honestly I didn’t know before: looks like the amount of jobs and freelancers there is smaller. I noticed that the few freelancers that post have earned 5k+.

I’ll keep an eye on that when I need to hire again, thanks!

Hey, thanks for the comment, been having db issues so just getting around the admin system of my own site is difficult.

Guru is an old site, has been around forever, but has a totally different ecosystem and different people. If you can’t get what you want from a bargin bin type site like Odesk it is a great place to look.

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