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Open Source And Commercial iOS Game Engine Listings Updated

For those searching for a game engine I have provided a number of updates to the commercial iOS game engine listing, and the open source iOS game engine listing. I’ve maintained these listings for some time now, and have now updated both of these listings.  In the future I’ll be updating these listings more often, when I created these resources I never knew they would become so popular.

Included in the updates are additions of the Galaxy, Haxe, Flixel open source engines.  Moving of Sio2 from the open source engine listing.  Adding airplay the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the Corona SDK, GLBasic, and Flash CS5 to the commercial listings.  Finally, the prices of the Commercial Game Engines were updated.

Here’s a summary of what’s been included in this update to the open source iPhone and iPad game engines listing:

  • Added the Galaxy game engine, Haxe, and Flixel to the open source listings
  • Moved the Sio2Engine from the open source listing as it is no longer open source
  • Added Airplay, the Unreal Development Kit, GLBasic, the Corona SDK, and Flash CS5 to the listings
  • Updated the base prices

So if you’re looking for a game engine be sure to check out the open source game engines, and the commercial game engines available for iOS devices.

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