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I was browsing through the referral log to this site, and found an excellent post containing cheat sheets for iOS development, and other mobile platforms.

I have mentioned a few of these in the past, but there were a couple that I didn’t know about.

Here’s what you’ll find for iOS developers in the article:

1. iPhone Objective-C Cheat Sheet – a cheat sheet for iOS developers that I made some time ago created for easily transitioning to Objective-C from a language such as Java.

2. X-Code Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – a nice Xcode shortcuts cheat sheet from the Pragmatic Programmers.

3. Xcode Tips And Tricks – Not really a chea sheet, but a collection of tips on stack overflow for Xcode users.

4. Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts – An extensive list of the many keyboard shortcuts in Xcode in bright shimmering blue.

5. Cocos iOS 3.0 – A cheat sheet listing the APIs available in iOS 3.0.

6. App Distribution Cheat Sheet – A small checklist to make sure you get all the little things right when distributing an app.

7. iPhone Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet – A cheat sheet covering selected aspects of iOS development from the creators of iPhone Application Development For Dummies.

The original post can be found on the Speckyboy design blog and also includes some other great references for app development on other mobile development platforms, and references for those performing web development on mobile devices which can be found at:
Mobile Cheatsheets for iPhone, Android and Blackberry App Development

Definitely worth checking out.

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