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Johann Dowa

Best Resources In iOS Development January 24th 2011


It has been awhile since I posted one of these lists – for those unfamiliar this article covers the more popular new resources that have been placed on this website.

Things have definitely picked up in the iPhone development blogging world, and although I try it is becoming tougher to keep up on things.  If you’ve created a resource or article that you believe is useful to other iOS developers feel free to post it in the iPhone development forum (no login required), and greatly increase the chances of it being written about on the main iPhone development blog.

Latest edition here: iOS Development Resources

iOS Developer Cheat Sheets – A list of cheat sheet sheets specifically for iPad and iPhone developers covering Xcode, Objective-C and more.

Create A Variable Slider With Adjustable Scrubber Speed Similar To The Music App – A good tutorial with source code covering how to create a slider that provides finer control the further a user’s finger moves.

Learn iPhone And iPad Cocos2D Game Development Review – A review of the recently released book from Steffen Itterheim on using the Cocos2D game engine.

Notable iOS Game Engine Updates – A list of some notable updates to iOS game engines that have occured in the past few months.

Open Source iOS Game Engine Sparrow Updates To 1.1 – A summary of what’s new in the latest update to the Sparrow framework iPhone and iPad game engine.

Open Source Galaxy iPhone And iPad Game Engine – A look at another open source game engine available, the Galaxy iPhone and iPad game engine.

Open Source: 3 Frameworks For Real-Time Multiplayer Games That Run Over The Internet – A look at some of the open source networking frameworks available that have been used in iOS games that allow for real-time multiplayer gameplay.

iOS Game With 225,000+ Copies Sold Goes Open Source – Article covering the release of the source code for the Canabalt iOS game.

Open Source: OpenGL ES Curve Library For iOS – An open source library containing functions allowing for the generation of many different types of curves particularly useful for those utilizing OpenGL.

Tutorial: How To Embed Lua In iOS Apps – A tutorial on how to embed the popular LUA scripting language within your iPad and iPhone apps.

Manipulating UIImage Data Directly Within A C type Array – A tutorial on how to manipulate the data directly within an image – very useful for those looking to create a photo app.

Animation Along A Path: Core Animation Tutorial – A tutorial on how to define a path in core animation, and how to send an object along a created path.

Open Source Library For Better Crash Handling And Reporting – A useful open source project that handles crashes, and allows information about the crash to be easily sent to the developer.

Corona SDK Tutorial: Bringing Flash Games To iOS – A tutorial covering how to convert Flash games to the popular Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile.

Tutorial: Cocos2D Example – Whack A Mole Game – An excellent Cocos2D tutorial on how to develop a whack-a-mole game.

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